Discover illico, the integrated, multi-channel management software solution for cities.

illico is the leading public-sector software solution transforming municipalities of all sizes into smart cities. Built-in workflows, optimized features and multi-channel support empower public sector teams to accelerate processes, simplify content and mail management, and improve community engagement.

A city powered by illico can provide fast, accurate service from any device, which quickly strengthens citizen satisfaction. Additional advantages include the ability to deploy an integrated and turnkey service that’s easy to learn and use, with all maintenance and support included. Backed by NeoLedge innovation and expertise, illico enables cities to focus less on technology and more on strategic growth.

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Mail Management

Mail Management

Digitize all documents and correspondence across your city illico! Ensure traceability, automate and monitor processing and accelerate response time.

City Collaboration

illico is a shared subscription service for intermunicipal cooperatives, making it easy to facilitate collaboration and exchanges while maintaining the autonomy of each city.