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The City of Paris chooses NeoLedge to improve its mail management

The City of Paris chooses NeoLedge to improve its mail management
Thursday 15 November 2018 - 16:13

Paris is a city of 2 millions inhabitants. With more than 135,000 circulating mails across the city services in 2016, the management of information flows is a key stake for the French capital.

The City wanted to use a unique electronic management solution deployed accross the 27 administrations and city halls, with a long-term goal to implement it in all 40 city sites. This solution would also be implemented to improve relationship with the citizens.


With more than 135,000 physical documents flowing in 2016, content and document management was a critical point for the city of Paris.

The mayor’s office and the head offices of several departments had their own different tools and they did not communicate with each other.

Besides, the high level complexity of the organization is combined with a need to improve citizen service and SLA.


The city of Paris needed a solution to:

  • Centralize all inbound and internal documents
  • Digitize physical documents
  • Keep track of them during along the process

Benefits / metrics

The key benefits:

  • Save time and energy in the document handling
  • Reduce case management time
  • Better structure administrative processes


Marie Bouard, project manager for the city of Paris:

Neoledge’s solution “is extremely customizable and can adapt to complex situations”

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