Unified Platform

Empower employees with unified services in an intuitive and collaborative platform conveniently accessible across multiple devices.

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Intuitive, customizable interface

To help everyone in your city work efficiently, illico offers an intuitive interface that can be adapted and customized to streamline work, reduce training time and improve user adoption.

  • Allow city representatives, decision-makers and employees to tailor their environment.
  • Use illico dashboards to monitor activity throughout the city at a glance.
  • Minimize learning time and promote user acceptance.

24/7/365 mobility

Make faster decisions, monitor your city and maximize productivity with anywhere, anytime access to illico's mobile application.

  • Ensure the mayor and city representatives stay informed and connected to their city. 
  • Enjoy a simplified mobile platform that works on each user's mobile device.
  • Provide citizens with modern communication tools and faster response times.

Electronic signatures

Expedite approvals and prevent delays when you can sign any document electronically with a certificate, or affix the image of your signature from your computer or tablet.

  • Streamline signatures with illico's integrated electronic signature.
  • Automate workflows and processing, including approvals and signatures.
  • Set up electronic signatures based on your regulatory requirements for proof of authenticity.